I AM Merchandise

We are all round pegs trying to fit the square holes of life. Thus, it’s important to be as true to ourselves as possible.

Life is too short to live any other way! Join us on this journey. 

We push boundaries 

We unify individuals 

We live authentically  

The I AM brand encourages authentic outlooks on life whether you’re x, y or z. 

To us, being authentic means:

Know who your true self is.

Express your whole self, not just the portion you think people want to see.

Live your best life and act in ways that show your true and whole self.

Our Story

In 2016, we established One Community Many Voices (OCMV) a Rockland, Maine 501c3 charity to provide proactive solutions to temporary barriers for Mainers living paycheck to paycheck. In return, recipients pay it forward through self-selected volunteerism. Needing to create a long-term revenue stream to financially support the charity, in November of 2020, we launched madeinmaineshop.com.  The online store blends the integrity of Maine media with Maine artisans to create revenue for OCMV.  

 As need continues to increase and traditional charity fundraising becomes a struggle, we set out to co-create merchandise to sell online. To begin, we partnered with Brio Custom and Sea Change Goods Co. to develop a responsible apparel line.  

 According to Martin Rogers, owner of Brio, “Brio loves helping businesses and organizations with whom we share similar values. Both Brio and our sister brand – Sea Change Goods Co. – strive to make the best decisions not only for our customers but for our communities and environment. When we have the choice between a regular tee and something equally as nice that’s also good for the environment – why not offer people the choice?” 

 OCMV plans to expand its I AM merchandise in the near future by co-creating with Maine companies.  

We think it’s important for you to know that we are committed to ethical manufacturing.
We only work with 
Maine partners that respect the people they employ and the environment we all enjoy. 
The first merchandise to be sold includes various apparel in partnership with Brio Custom and Sea Change Goods Co.